Most websites have a purpose, but not all purposes have a website. 

We found ourselves having a purpose about half a year ago. Something happened, something made us jump into the void and leave our nests, finally be able to work together, live and dream under the same roof. We decided to meet, last summer around August, gather some songs and record them into an album, a preliminary statement for the bigger project we had so clear in our minds. The album was produced, recorded, over-produced, over-recorded than post-produced, and then we found ourselves, in the beginning of 2020, with 6 songs and a cover art. 

But in the meantime the laze came back up, our demons slowly got their jobs back and the utopia of community was delayed and neglected. Then the virus came and… well.

If you want to know what Donezk Collective is, you could ask to each one of us and get a different answer every time (we are still working on it). 

What is this website then? Is it promoting a band? Cool graphics and sponsorships and gigs around the world? Nope. Is it selling something? T-shirts, vinyls, artworks and stuff? Nope. Is it a friendly demand of support in face of crisis? Nope. 

This page aims be an (unlikely) hybrid between a trash can and a fish hook. 

We are going to throw in here what of our lives together can be digitalised and made into a tiny file. We are going to write about the things we care about, make projects and share opinions and then look at this whole thing from the outside, trying to have a different view on what we are, in this time of extreme and mean confusion.

This website wants to be one of the tools we all need to make sense of ourselves, as single thinking minds and as a collective, a seed to water and care, until it eventually will grow into some type of plant no one really expected it to be.

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