We live in strange times. A virus could do the unimaginable: the global economy with its high speed international trade & travel is on pause. Not only that, we are forced to live in a self-controlled state of isolation. The idea of minimising human interaction came along with first a request, then a little push and at the end force, to be put into the infamous words: “stay the fuck home”.
Consequently home had to be defined and the common notion was found in nationality and registered living place.
Thus, minimising of human interaction also means: closing borders and the collection of a nations citizens (or: sending foreigners back to “their countries”).
The noticeable here is: After ideologically overcoming the notion of states and the born-to-die nationality for a greater good, the concept of the human race itself, practiced on playgrounds like the European Union, we’re back to nations, states and countries with their own rules, their own laws, their own treatments – despite an unlikely differentiation by the virus.
The tolerated and supported – international friendships and interaction – with its effects on moving and living away from birthplace becomes threatened by questioning the reasons.
Do we really need to go away on our own quest of luck? And, if so, what is our profession that requires a crossing of borders? Is it necessary and prosperous to engage in a network of interests that exceeds and neglects borders? Isn’t it time to “go home”?
This “crisis” most of all is a crisis of the ones in search. In search of the questions that life offers us. In search of answers that can only got closer to, by human interaction that we can’t imagine or play in our heads. It is a crisis of the ones that leave in search for the better, without the chance of going back to a home. This crisis didn’t start with the virus. But the virus brought it to the so rich, secure and civilised world.


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