We are an international collective and as such we are always striving for border-crossing activities.

We used the corona shutdown to lock ourselves into a garden hut (of a good friend, many thanks and kisses!) to produce, write and record music.
Throughout the past months we were mainly busy on two projects, a large-scale debut album of a member of our collective and a short ep called “hut stuff” that now is up on Spotify/ Apple Music/ Whatsoever.
You can also purchase it on bandcamp (if you insist in having your own digital copy)

Also, our album “Donezk Collective”, recorded last summer will be available on spotify soon.
Unfortunately, our plans to play these (and other, still unknown) songs and ecstasy-filled dance music live have to be postponed, due to “the current situation”.
We are always looking for new opportunities to engage in artistic and cultural exchange, seeking out for new partners and collaborators in any way.
We are happy to receive your messages, love letters, bank transfers, yelp reviews or friend requests.
❤️ The Donezk Gang

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